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Settling in 

Shelly Tots Pre School prides its self on recognising the anxiety experienced when a child starts a new setting. 
We call this phase "Creating A Happy Child". The following is a brief guide to procedures put in place to support creating the happy child. 

Induction session are attended by parents, this is an hour session which includes a detailed inside into our ethos and vision, site tour and meeting the staff. 
Further visits are booked for you and your child to attend. These visits are an opportunity to begin building relationships with your child's allocated key person, completing their starting blocks and finalising paper work. 
Shelly Tots provide new parents with an electronic settling book to share with your child in preparation for their first day. 
Details of your child's first day will be agreed with your key person depending on the individual needs of your child. 
After your child has been attending for 2 weeks you will be invited to attend a catch up meeting to discuss how they have settled and if any further steps need to be taken. 



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