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Policies and Procedures 

Below is a list of some of Shelly Tots Pre-School  policies and procedures
An updated copy is available upon request to ensure that parents always have the latest version

  • Absent from work policy

  • Accident and first aid policy 

  • Additional needs policy 

  • Admissions policy 

  • Anti bullying policy 

  • Asset and retention policy 

  • Behaviour management policy 

  • Bomb threat policy 

  • Breast feeding policy 

  • British Values 

  • Corona virus policy and risk assessment 

  • Child protection, safeguarding and related  policies 

  • Confidentiality policy 

  • Complaints procedures

  • Corporal Punishment Policy 

  • Curriculum Policy 

  • Data protection policy 

  • Equal opportunity policy 

  • Food hygiene policy 

  • Health and safety and related  policies 

  • Infection control and Hygiene policy 

  • Immunisation policy 

  • Lockdown Policy 

  • No Smoking policy 

  • Outing Policy 

  • Oral Hygiene Policy 

  • Parent and carer statement

  • Physical environment policy 

  • Physical restraint 

  • Sleeping child Policy 

  • Sustainability and climat action plan

  • Working in partnership and parental involvement policy 

  • Winter readiness 

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