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Areas of learning are split into two groups PRIME AREAS and SPECIFIC AREAS. Children under 3 years old are not observed in specific areas.

Prime areas are as follows:

  • Communication and Language

  • Personal social and emotional development

  • Physical development

Specific areas are as follows:

  • Mathematical development

  • Literacy

  • Understanding of the world

  • Expressive arts and design



The three I’s explained

Intent - By intent we mean what we would like a child to achieve. This is why we have changed the name from our “Next Step Clouds” to “Intent Clouds”

Implementation- By implementation we mean what we are planning within our setting to support a child learning. This is why we now call our “Curriculum Planning” our “implantation planning”.

Impact- By impact we mean the result, what a child has gained from the intent and implantation. This is why we now call our observations “impact”

Cultural Capital

This form is completed between key person and parents/carer during the child’s first visit. This is to ensure we learn as much about the child as possible before they start. This enables us to support children in brining their cultural capital into our setting where we all learn about each other.


Speech and language

Shelly Tots Pre School recognises the importance of speech and language in early years and the impact of early intervention.

Concerns regarding a child’s speech and language are shared with parents and a course of action is agreed. With consent children with speech and language concerns will be referred to speech and language therapist or directed to the nearest next drop-in sessions at one of the local children’s centres.

Shelly Tots Pre School also have their own programme in place called “Chatter Club”.


Pre-school panel

When parents or key persons have further concern regarding a child’s development or behaviour, parents will be asked for their consent to refer to The Pre School Panel. Shelly Tots Pre School understand that this can be a difficult time for parents and offer support throughout their child’s time with us.


Reception teachers and primary schools

At the end of your child’s last term with Shelly Tots Pre School, parents will be asked to give consent for the sharing of their child’s details and development.

Shelly Tots check that schools comply with up-to-date data protection laws before sharing any information. All documents are password protected and emailed to schools with the password in a separate email.


General practitioners and Health visitors

There may be times when your child’s development is requested by their health visitor or and their doctor. Parents are asked for consent before sharing this information.


Shelly Tots Pre School is dedicated to safeguarding duties. Parental consent is requested before sharing information with any other agencies. However, if the safety of a child is a concern Shelly Tots staff will share information to the necessary agencies without consent from their parent.

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